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Test Automation is here. Are you prepared?  

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What You Will Learn. Expect More. 

How Selenium Works

Knowing how it works will help you debug your issues and give knowledgable feedback to developers.  

Effective Test Writing  

Writing a test is one thing. Writing reliable tests is priceless. Reliable tests makes testing an integral part of the development lifecycle and will constantly bring value to your team.

Make Your Framework Stable  

Reliable locators is the key to your success with automation. The amount of time you will save from not having to constanly update your code.

HTML & CSS Basics  

Learn more about HTML & CSS and how leveraging what developers use to make your tests more reliable.

Programing Basics  

An online mini course will be available before the course to get you prepared. There are a few different basics that you need to get started in automation.

Comprehensive Test Reports For Your Team  

Better test reports relay important information to the developers and to management. Test reports also make it easier to onboard new employees, showing step by step instructions for all of your functionality.

Parallel Test Running 

Running your tests in parallel will shorten your testing time. Shorter time testing, means more time solving problems.

Test Data Management

Almost always an aftertought, but doing it properly in the first plae makes all future test writing easier.

Dedicated Chat With Other Attendees

Almost always an aftertought, but doing it properly in the first plae makes all future test writing easier.

And More!

The landscape of testng is constantly changing so this course will prepare you on how to be prepared for those changes. 

Complex Testing. Simplified. 

Why this is awesome and but it now

Expert Instruction

Instruction from one of the leading authorities on test automation with Selenium. 

Condensed Course

Learn a lot in the 2 weeks and start applying it in your work place today.

Concise Sessions

Concise lessons for each day to maximise your learning.

Advanced Content 

Once a quarter after the course there will be bonus sessions to further your knowledge, not just updates.

Online Portal

Website with the recorded session and get help and advice from me and the other attendees

Live Forum

Get help and advice from me and the other attendees

Rave Reviews From Previous Classes. 

Awesome workshop! I really appreciated your well thought out labs. They built perfectly on each other. I walked away with a solid vision of what to work on and where to improve my current tests, and where to go with an overall plan for organization of tests and a better use of methods etc. I also have a starting point for jumping into reporting! so thanks for a well built class (pun intended)!! "

— Gary Reiss, Tester @ Dealer Inspire 

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Class Duration

May 6 - May 17 


Labs are not required to be completed during that time, they can be completed on your schedule. Highly recommended to be completed before the next session though.


There are 2 sessions on each day of the class. They are the same class to accomodate more people's schedule.  


Morning Session 9am - 10am Eastern Time - Main session 10am - 11am Eastern Time - General Discussion / Lab Time 

Evening Session 7pm - 8pm Eastern Time - Main Session 8pm - 9pm Eastern Time - General Discussion / Lab Time